How can I make better musicals?

We’ve tried to make as fun and easy to use as possible, but the more you use it the more pro you can become at shooting amazing musical.lys. Be mindful of the background and lighting to make your videos more stunning. We also encourage you to take advantage of all the fun features on the app to make your musical.lys even better. Duet with other musers, shoot with face filters, add color filters after filming, or try out the time machine to make your musical.lys more visually engaging with functions like reverse and time trap! You can refer to the shooting musical.lys section of our FAQ page for info about our app’s features.

If you’re looking for more pro tips, you can go to the hashtags #Tutorial and #musicallyTutorial where different musers have shared some of their tips and tricks. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, there are also a number of great tutorials on YouTube created by some of our top musers. They're easy to find simply by going to and searching " tutorial.” Check them out!

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